Our Vision

Inspiring our world to flourish, serving with our mind, hands and heart.

At the Holladay Chiropractic Center, we believe you were meant to flourish. In the words of the Utah marketing slogan, we seek for you to experience "LIFE ELEVATED". And we want to bring all of our resources to the table - our mind, hands and heart - to inspire our world to flourish. That's our vision.
Health is so much more than the absence of symptoms, sickness, illness and disease. Health cannot be operationally defined as "minus something". We wouldn't say a good marriage is produced by the absence of conflict and hardship. There are certain things married couples do to create a solid relationship. They spend time together. They communicate. They share life experiences. They encourage each other's gifting and inspire their life potential. Obviously, that's a brief list of some things that married couples do to develop a relationship filled with meaning and purpose.
Likewise, health is a commodity that must have substance. It is the presence of vitality. Health is an abundance created from those who make conscious decisions to flourish. Health is propelling the body to motion to get the heart pumping, to get the blood moving, to release a cascade of endorphins that signify the body saying "thank you". Health is putting good, wholesome foods in to the body, knowing that the gastrointestinal tract is constantly on the lookout for nutrients that it can assimilate, produce energy and living organic tissue from. Health is feeding the mind with positive messages and information to build a healthy sense of self-image and life purpose.
Health is brushing and flossing your teeth and getting check-ups from your dentist. Health is sleeping on a pillow and mattress that provide orthopedic support for your spine and skeleton and facilitate optimum rest. Health is getting your spine checked on a regular basis by your chiropractor to promote optimum function of your spine and nerve system. Health is doing core exercises and stretches to strengthen and stabilize your spine.  Health is getting a monthly massage to increase circulation, range of motion, tissue regeneration and immunity.
You get the point. Health is a "something" composed of many things and the list above is really just a primer. What we at the Holladay Chiropractic Center want to tell you is that we want to use all of our resources - our mind, hands and heart - to create a world where you feel that you can flourish. We use our minds intelligibly to assess you, educate you and make sensible recommendations with a variety of action steps. We use our hands skillfully to create body balance in terms of our posture, spine, muscles and most importantly - your nerve system. We use our hearts compassionately to demonstrate real care and concern for your optimum health and potential in life.
Join us as we cast this vision in 2015 and beyond. Whether you follow our blog or social media presence or whether you are a regular member of our practice and experience our services on a weekly or monthly basis, join us! Our team is excited to share this vision with you and see how it plays out in your life.

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